• This book, dedicaded to Emotional Gymnastics, proposes that you discover «the body that you are» the body claimed by your inner reality, distinct from the «body object» much valued by society in general. By experiencing the slow and easy movements presented in this book, you will be able to explore in a new way certain parts of your body, that is, by working from «inside to outside». Thus, the hitherto ignored anesthesized zones of the body will be exposed such as migraines, backaches, insomnia, poor digestion, arthrosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even states of depression - all amplified by the rhythm of our modern lives.

    By working with the proposed movements, you will find beneficial relief from many of these ailments. The author's suggestions will help you to loosen and provide flexibility to your stiff muscles. By re-establishing the osteo-articular and muscular balance, the sensorial dimension will be refined and the oppressive emotional memories will disappear quite naturally. Becoming conscious of « the body that we are» is possible at any age and allows us to re-own our innate joy of living. Martine Veilleux holds a graduate studies diploma in Somatic Education from l'Université du Québec à Montréal (Québec University in Montréal). She has taught and practised Emotional Gymnastics for more than fifteen years, with groups or individuals. She also offers vocational training in Emotional Gymnastics. Her method is inspired by several physical approaches such as Antigymnastic, the Mézières Method and Sensory Awareness.

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