• Lengthen your lower back and give flexibility to your legs

    Material : two tennis balls

    Contraindication : lumbar disc herniation, acute sciatica

    • Lie flat on your back on a mat or a blanket.
    • Bend your legs and place your feet apart (shoulder-width of your buttock bones0.
    • Place both tennis balls as in the previous movement.
    • Allow time for your buttock bones to pose on the balls, breathing smoothly.
    • Lift your right foot from the floor, bring your knee toward your chest.
    • Lift the other foot and bring your left knee toward your chest.
    • This time, place your hands behind your knees.
    • Cross your legs to bring the soles of your feet toward the ceiling
    • Try to maintain a plateau with your feet.
    • Breathing through your nose, make a pointed angle with your feet, toes directed toward the ceiling.While exhaling, push your heels toward the ceiling.
    • Alternate a few times (seven to eight), at your pace.
    • Bring slowly your knees toward your chest and place one foot after the other on the floor. Remove your tennis balls.
    • Observe how your lower back, legs and upper body pose, and how your breathing works.

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