• Posing the lower back

    Material : two tennis balls

    Contraindication : Lumbar disc herniation, Acute sciatica

    • Lie flat on your back on a mat or a blanket.
    • Bend your legs and place your feet apart ( shoulder-width of your buttock bones).
    • Observe how your lower back lies on the floor.
    • Keep your mouth open, letting the air enter your nostrils and exhale through the mouth.
    • As you exhale, try to squeeze both feet together at the same time. Do this three times.
    • Place the two tennis balls, one under each of your buttock bones. If you have a history of sciatica, place the balls on the sides of your buttocks.
    • If you feel this is painful, move them a bit up or down.
    • Allow time for the buttock bones to pose on the balls.
    • Lift the right foot from the floor, to bring your knee to your chest.
    • Lift the other foot and bring your left knee toward your chest.
    • Place your hands on the front of your knees. 
    • As you expire, bring your knees toward your chest a few times. Repeat four to six times.
    • Place your feet, one after the other on the floor and remove your tennis balls.
    • Keep your knees bent and observe once more how your lower back poses on the floor.
    • Is there a difference?

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