• An instant in the universe and a breath in eternity

    Dissolving  tensions, releasing emotions and being re-born. This is what I   experienced during many sessions of Emotional Gymnastics with Martine Veilleux.  As she greets us into her haven with respect and consideration, we immediately feel that we are in the presence of a professional whose practice is a passion. With her calm voice and deep knowledge of the human body, she guides us in performing movements that always lead to a state of great well-being. Lightness and brightness are the best words to describe this state of being. The strength and energy released provide sensations hitherto unsuspected. 

    It is a ‘’trip’’ may I say, that cannot compare with anything we know so far. It is often surprising to realize that a series of small, amazingly simple movements can bring such important benefits. These series of delicate movements however, are not the result of chance. They are rather the result of the knowledge of the interactions between the components of our muscular chain. It is reassuring to know that there is a timeless space, a side road, where the magic happens, watched over by a ‘’sorceress’’.

    Jacques A.       

  • Emotional Gymnastics was a wonderful discovery for me... It allowed me to build a kit full of tools that will do me good... A small discomfort, pain... I lie on the floor, stretch, and as I practise the movements I learned, I feel better. I connect with myself, release my tension and my body feels more and more alive. EG gives me an amazing well-being. I thank you Martine for your presence and the way you ‘’tuned in’’ to my needs. You know how to find the tools that meet the needs of each person. You and your EG approach are a great gift that life gave me, the gift that led me to your haven of health. 

    France V. of Montréal

  • I live precious moments when I share EG sessions with a small group guided by Martine Veilleux. As soon as she invites us to explore what happens in our bodies as we lie on the carpet, I begin to relax. During the session, I focus on specific movements and I discover areas where I have accumulated tensions throughout my life. My movements have awakened certain sleeping areas; I become thus become aware of the cause of my discomfort.  Then my tyrannical mind begins to shut down and my body is less stiff.

    At the end of the session, I feel calmer, better able to live in the present and give priority to the essentials of life.  EG provides a deep well-being and I hope many people will have the chance to enjoy its benefits. 

    Nanette B. of Montréal

  • ‘’ The jaw and the emotional world’’

    Dearest Martine, 

    ‘’This exploration of THE BODY THAT YOU ARE – rather than  gymnastics dedicated to the body as an object, the outer body proposed by commerce and advertising – illuminated and enriched my life differently.

    Today we explored the JAW region with its two palates, inner cheek and tongue that has 17 muscles of which of course I was unaware to date. I had a surprising experience. Or rather, I re-lived a very dramatic and traumatic scene of the past. My daughter Isabeau, my husband Louis and I were skiing at Mont-Tremblant, along with our friend François Borgeat (the doctor-host of a subliminal program broadcasted every week-night on CIME-FM waves 99.5)  Isabeau was seven or eight years old at the time. She always used the chairlift with her father who was supposed to bring  the safety bar down for her. I rode on the next chair with François Borgeat. But Louis was caught in a conversation with his colleague and friend Bourgeat. Isabeau was left alone in the big chair and was too small to close the protection bar by herself. I was devastated, petrified! The next chair arrived, so Louis and I started to go up together. Louis started to give  loud orders to Isabeau who, before our eyes, was rising alone in her chair :

    • Zab (the nickname he gave our daughter) : hold on tight to the right arm of your chair.
    • Pass your left arm along the back.
    • Look straight ahead, Zab.
    • Do everything I say.

    And he repeated his orders up to the mountain top. Our tiny Isabeau arrived at the summit with great ease. Her father congratulated her!

    Today, during my emotional gymnastics session, I told the other participants about this physical memory while cold chills were expressed in my back. I did not know that my jaw contained such an appalling memory which at the time had seemed an eternity. My little girl could have fallen into a vacuum of a height of over 1800 meters. I was now reliving this terrible fear and dizzying emptiness. I suspect that is why I grind my teeth so hard while I sleep at night. Perhaps I still fear that my little girl will fall into a vacuum’’.

    Colette Chabot, writer, Laval.