• If you wish to begin the practice of Emotional Gymnastics on  a regular basis, I invite you to meet with me for a free interview, followed by an individual session.

    Then you may register for the10 group sessions. To make an appointment,
    call at 514-231-4459 or send an e-mail. 

  • Individual Sessions


    $75 for one hour

    During the session, a body reading is done in order to see the action of muscular compensations.   

    Afterwards, certain movements will be proposed in view of lengthening the muscles of your posterior muscle chain.

    At the end of the session, a second body reading will be done to discover the progress obtained in your muscular chain.

    Receipts are issued under the name of the National Association of Naturopaths (ANN).

  • Group Sessions


    $40 for one hour thirty

    Before beginning the session, each participant is asked to tell how they feel in their bodies, and if necessary their need to work in a particular region.

    The practitioner, in consideration of the participants’ requests, then plans the session. Movements are described orally, without being demonstrated. Each person performs the movements according to his or her abilities, at their own pace, without ever straining. In this group work, there is no place for competition or comparison. 

    The whole session consists of ten one-and-a-half-hour sessions.

  • Montréal Location

    Queen Elizabeth Health Complex
    2111 Northcliffe Street – Room 433
    Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (Québec)
    H4A 3K6

    Two minutes from the Vendôme metro
    and the Décarie highway

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